IT Infrastructure

The core of your business operations

A solid infrastructure is key on today's market

  • Network support

    Your entire network deployed, managed and supported the right way is key to insure systems stability. Be it on a small office or a multi continental distributed setup, we deliver a top shelf service.
  • Workstations

    Your workforce relies on their equipment to fulfill their daily tasks, your business can rely on us to keep those devices up to date and delivering optimal performance, improving overall productivity.
  • Data management

    Your data structure is critical for your business success, choosing the right solution can mean the difference between you and your competitors, having an IT partner like Inforgen gives you that edge!
  • Servers / Data centres

    When it comes to dealing with servers of any scale, a Microsoft Gold Partner with decades of combined experience can give you that extra piece of mind that your infrastructure is in the right hands.

Choosing the right solution


Requirements vary from business to business and it is absolutely key that the right solution is selected for each individual set of requirements

A well put together infrastructure strategy means your resources are utilised efficiently, with little waste and maximum return

 When it comes to select the right solution for your infrastructure needs, having a strategic partner with extensive experience by your side is invaluable

Once you decide on the right solution, deploying it the right way will insure minimum disruption, giving your business that extra push

Ongoing monitoring and optimisation of all your resources means you can prolong the life of your infrastructure and optimize costs

Stability, reliability and resilience 


A well thought out solution needs to be stable, correctly maintaining that solution provides that long lasting stability you need

 Reliability is key, both for the products you use and the service that you get, this is why we partner up only with the best brands in the industry

Optimum infrastructure resilience means you can focus on what matters, your business success