Inforgen e-Commerce 

Beautiful, Responsive, Scalable, Quick, SEO minded Website Solution

Inforgen e-Commerce Features

  • Inforgen e-Commerce

    Inforgen e-Commerce is for those businesses wanting to take their e-Commerce offering to the next level. Our solution offers full catalogue, product and attribute management, in an easy to use and intuitive set of management screens.

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  • WordPress Plug-in

    Inforgen is fully integrated with WordPress via our Inforgen Plug-in. This allows businesses to get the benefits of the most popular web platform in the world, alongside Inforgen's powerful e-Fulfilment & process management solution. Our sync to WordPress is fast, reliable and robust, allowing users to make updates quickly and efficiently.

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  • Fully Responsive

    Our websites are fully responsive; desktop, tablet and phone, we have you covered! Enter your site content once and our template will ensure the content is displayed correctly depending on the customer's device.

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  • Templated Approach

    Our templated website approach means that whether you are content management beginner or a HTML guru, our solution will work for your business. Our core website template utilises the WPBakery plug-in, which makes page building easy and straightforward. We have also implemented a number or dynamic ‘widgets’ which are powered by your dynamic Inforgen data, such as Shop Popular products.
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  • Secure

    Your website security is absolutely paramount for us. We use a number of best in class applications to monitor your website performance and security. Our team of experts are also available to provide support 24/hrs per day 365 days per year.

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  • SEO Optimised

    At Inforgen we understand how important it is to have a website that ranks highly on SEO. That’s why our templates have been designed with that in mind. We also use the leading WordPress plug-in to maximise SEO and provide the user with useful information about how the website SEO can be improved.
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  • Scaleable

    Whether your company is a small family business with big aspirations, or a company turning over many millions of pounds, our e-Commerce solution is scalable to your needs.

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  • e-Commerce Experts

    We have been at the forefront and worked in e-Commerce for over 20 years. In that time we’ve worked on projects of all shapes and sizes. It is the lessons that we have learned over the last 20 years which have helped shape our Inforgen e-Commerce offering.

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