Support Services

Your workforce and their systems stay productive and operational

We are here to support you and your staff

  • Integral Support - Contract

    All encompassing flexible support plans for users and infrastructure, covering all basic IT needs for a business to operate efficiently and with a solid IT structure to accommodate business growth. These services are contracted and based on supported items.

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  • One time escalations

    We offer support services to suit all types of businesses, including those who have an internal IT team. When your team needs help, we provide one-time escalation to support them, and help them reach a perfect solution every time!

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  • IT Projects

    We offer a broad range of project services, from advising, scoping and planning all the way through to deployment and delivery of IT projects by utilising Inforgen's technology expert resources and partner networks at our disposal.

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  • Hardware and Software Provisioning

    Analyse requirements, investigate options, advise and provision for end to end software and hardware solutions. We work with some of the UK largest partners and suppliers and can deliver the best solutions to fit the needs of your business.

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Remote, on-site, responsible support


Our approach is simple, we become your inhouse IT Team, working directly with your staff, supporting their day-to-day operations and keeping your solutions updated, secure and working the way they should.


Our strategy allows you to forget about IT issues and focus on running and growing your business. This approach also creates a friendly relationship between your staff and our engineers, making your team members more likely to raise issues they are experiencing which could be affecting productivity.

Proactive approach to system stability


System stability is paramount for your business, but also for your growth, this is why we are continually assessing system requirements and resource allocation for any of your solutions. We then analyse this information and make recommendations to prevent issues before they materialise, in fact, future proofing your operations by making sensible upgrades at the appropriate time.


We make sure that the investments in IT equipment or software are spent in the right areas to have the biggest possible impact on your business.