Secure your company

Infrastructure security done the right way

Security is paramount for your company

  • Bitdefender Endpoint security

    It all starts with your endpoints, the devices your users run with on a daily basis, these are usually the main vulnerable vectors and ones you need to efficiently protect. At Inforgen we only work with the absolute best solutions and Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is that solution.

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  • Microsoft Defender
    for 365

    Robust suite of security features for select Microsoft 365 subscriptions. The features included in this product are aimed at protecting companies from the most common security issues while allowing them to rely on their cloud services without worrying over potential breaches or risks.

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  • Cyber Security Engagements

    Our Cyber Security Engagements are tailored made to each customer and are designed to improve the overall security of your company. This is achieved with a full approach which includes an initial assessment, a set of recommendations, a plan of implementation, a solid training plan for your staff and a re-assessment at the end of the engagement, all designed to integrate these robust policies at the core of your operations.

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  • Cyber Essentials - Project Delivery

    When it comes time for you to show your customers you take security seriously, Inforgen can help you achieve your very own Cyber Essentials certification. We will support you to the end of the line, addressing any and all items to make sure you are fully certified. This service is aimed at preparing your company to meet all the necessary conditions to get through the certification with flying colours!

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Effective security starts with people


Security within IT systems almost always comes down to the same few key points, and the biggest one is to keep your workforce well trained and understanding not only the risks, but what they can do to avoid security risks. A well trained workforce is invaluable to both you and your customers.


We can prepare your workforce for the challenges of today and the unknowns of tomorrow

 Security engagements with your staff  so they know how to keep safety first

Best practices workshops to ensure everyone is looking out for attack signs

Personal and company owned devices prepping

Periodical excercises with staff to refresh most important topics

Infrastructure Managed Security


Information security is critical for any business, especially those who deal with customer data. At inforgen we can provide your business with a global, fully managed, full stack of security products and services. From on-premise infrastructure to remote user’s device management, we can deliver an end-to-end security solution to prepare your business against the dangers of operating in a modern world.


 Proactive monitoring of all aspects of your infrastructure

 Constant managed updates to all devices to make sure latest security patches are applied

 Security Policy design, implementation and enforcement across your organisation to ensure best practices are always followed

Designing and implementing infrastructure layers from the ground up, from solid endpoint products to fully fledged corporate firewalls

 Periodic internal and external processes to test the security of your business and all IT related components

 Liaising with 3rd party suppliers with whom you interact to make sure they are following best security practices

 Periodic analysis of internal products and processes to aid your staff in managing security risks