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Modern Workplace products

  • Microsoft Teams Phone

    Fully featured phone system in the cloud, works through MS Teams and it is able to integrate menus, pre-atenders, call queues etc. Works on any device that can operate with Teams

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  • Unified Communications - Deployment

    Evaluating, planning, deploying and configuring a fully fledged phone system in the cloud with Microsoft Teams Phone. This is a turn-key deployment to enable our customer to hit the ground running with Teams Phone and to get a fully robust setup from the start.

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  • Microsoft Azure AD / Intune

    Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), is an enterprise identity service that provides single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access to guard against cybersecurity attacks. Together with the use of Intune it can completely take over your central management of users and devices.

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  • SharePoint Online Unified Storage

    Standard SharePoint online deployment to centralise and facilitate data management and data access/sharing both within a company and across to customers This service is a turn-key deployment solution that goes hand in hand with our premium SharePoint support

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Microsoft Teams Phone

The business landscape has changed, conventional phone systems are no longer providing the flexibility that is needed today. A primarily decentralised workforce requires an elastic approach to communications while maintaining constant contact with customers and other team members.

Microsoft’s latest VoIP product 365 Business Voice is the future of unified communications.


Migrate your current business phone numbers

Integrate communications with users both working from home and in the office

 Leverage existing devices and infrastructure by enabling users to make and receive calls on their computers, mobile phones, tablets and other Teams enable devices

Control costs by assigning fixed price licences to each user

Leverage a state of the art pre-attender and queue cloud system to direct your customers to the right person quickly and efficiently

 Schedule, manage, transfer and distribute calls, queues, out of hour systems and much more from a single unified control panel

 Manage and assign individual direct lines per users

 Decommission old phone systems and migrate to an “always on” cloud system and leverage the ability to react quickly to disaster events


By migrating your phone system to the cloud, you avoid impact to your communications from common occurrences such as power outages or phone provider issues, if your offices become unavailable for any reason, simply pick up your laptop or mobile phone and continue taking calls as if you were at your desk in the office. Take your office with you in your pocket!

Unified Communications

Internal communications amongst your teams have never been so critical, making sure your staff is able to communicate effortlessly and efficiently is paramount to your growth.

Enter Microsoft Teams, an all encompassing solution to allow your users to stay in touch, schedule meetings, create group calls, message boards, etc.


Get critical meetings going in seconds

Schedule easily accessible meetings with customers, where they can join from any device

Record presentations, board meetings, training session and other interactions for future use

Share your screen, documents, links and other supporting material to compliment your immersive video calls

Invite external users to partake in document sharing, enabling you to securely collaborate with clients and collaborators alike

Run public or private events showcasing your products or services and reach new audiences that were previously out of your scope


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