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Cloud Desktop

Access your PC anywhere

Free your staff

  • All documents, files, email, applications available from the cloud
  • You can access your desktop anywhere or from any device, no need to take your business laptop with you
  • No need to sync or download files
  • Backup and security via the cloud
Marketing Software

Cloud Desktop

All users

Access their desktop anywhere from any device.

IT administration

Outsourced to Inforgen who support your users.

IT hosting

In the cloud and outsourced to Inforgen including your backups.

Marketing Software

My desktop

  • Email
  • Documents
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint – all applications
  • Data security

What our customers say

Ardmoor Logo

“We estimate that Inforgen has enabled us to save £100k on operational costs after one year. That means more resource to invest back in the service we give to our customers.”

Anthony Stodart – ArdMoor Managing Director

Go-Ape Logo

“…the ease with which the site staff have picked up the new system has been very reassuring…”

Jan Hollinshead – Go Ape Operations Manager

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