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Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive plans to protect business data & operations

Protect your business data

We can implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to protect business data from damage or loss.

Systematic backup strategy

We determine the appropriate and most cost efficient backup solution for your business:

  • Frequency of backup
  • Maintenanance plan
  • Full, differential or transaction log backup

Safety precautions

Your data is stored in a safe environment, owing to external power generators and multiple servers in different locations.

We ensure that in the event a system should fail, your data will be recoverable and standard business operations will resume.

Rollback and recovery

In the event of disaster, we use a disaster recovery plan to roll back and recover your data to a previous state.

Our intelligent data recovery procedure ensures that the business impact of the procedure is also kept to a minimum.

Testing your plan

Our team will carry out a complete test of backup, rollback and recovery procedures in line with your agreed service levels, so you can be confident our team is ready.

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