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  • Inforgen Cloud Backup for Synology
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Synology devices are a great way of centralising your data within your company and sharing it across your business. Backing up your Synology NAS is critical to make sure your data is safe. At Inforgen we provide you with an automated backup system which does nightly transfers to our secure and redundant infrastructure, not only taking the human factor out of the process, but also making sure your data is always available! 

  • Fully automated system, eliminating human error
  • Backups are done overnight and are incremental backups optimising the use of the broadband
  • Backed up into our on-prem Synology environment and fully replicated off-site
  • File versioning available
  • Quick restore of small data remotely
  • Quick deployment of large data sets by accessing data locally (no need to download from cloud)
  • Weekly backup checks and real time monitoring and alerting


The service is charged based on data space requirements and it will automatically jump to the next subscription tier when free space reaches 1%.
There is a initial fee to setup and configure the backups and work to get the first large backup completed.
The service is invoiced monthly with a 12 month commitment.  Either party may cancel the service with one months written notice.

In order to discuss a return, please contact our helpdesk on 01721 724881 or send an email via our contact us page.

We aim to deliver and install goods/services as soon as we can, however this is subject to product availability and availability of our engineers.  

In order to discuss your delivery in more detail, please contact our helpdesk on 01721 724881 or send an email via our contact us page.